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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tattoos - The New Blood Sacrifice

"Body art", "skin art", and "tattoo” are all used to label the result of introducing a pigment beneath one’s skin. The Otzal mummy proved that tattooing is at least 5,300 years old. Furthermore, evidence of tattooing has been found in every culture on the Earth. And while there are many reasons to be tattooed (decoration and identification for example), the ancients seemed most often to do so to forge a connection with the spirit world.

In ancient Egypt, tattoos were almost always connected with the spirits. Priests, priestesses, and devotees were the most frequent wearers of tattoos. Depictions of their gods and goddesses, and the symbols related to worship, graced their bodies. Those whose skin was too dark to sport a tattoo made scarifications (though not really tattooing, it is related to tattooing by making scar tissue in the same patterns). Thus Leviticus reads: ‘ye shall not make any cuttings on your flesh for the dead nor print any marks upon you’. (19:28) - Yahu’ah didn’t want His chosen people to bear any connections with other spirits.

On the other side of the world, the Maori also recognized the spiritual significance of tattoos. They, and all of the other Polynesian peoples, believed that one’s spirit(s) was displayed through the tattoo(s) on one’s body. They too saw the connection between tattoos and other spirits - those that could more easily enter and exit one’s body.

Since today most people get tattoos merely to decorate their body, they tend to ignore the spiritual aspect of the tattoos they get! As Rae Schwarz points out, “The modern body art renaissance has been the saving grace for many tribal tattoo styles, now being worn by people with no attachment to the symbolic histories of many of these patterns. Nonetheless, this fascination with mixed cultural tattoo styles has saved certain styles of skin art from extinction.” All too often these styles are nothing more than “welcome” signs for tribal spirits! People tend to ignore the fact that many of these styles comes with “baggage” that profoundly affects their lives!

In some cases, trouble seems to follow an individual or that individual’s friends or family after a new tattoo is completed. In some extreme cases, fatalities result! Don’t believe its coincidence - coincidences rarely happen!

Even modern styles carry a risk. Styles inspired by evil themes welcome spirits that one may wish would simply go away - but they refuse to and won‘t go until the sign is removed (exorcisms are merely temporary because the “welcome” sign is still there!)! Getting a tattoo is still recognized by most people as a “rite of passage“, but most people in this materialistic society have forgotten the significance of such a rite. The pain inflicted and the blood lost in the process is truly a sacrifice being made.

Research with due diligence the design you wish to permanently implant in your body. Make sure that the one you choose (or create for yourself) doesn’t carry any unwelcome “baggage”. Beware of graven images! If you are truly drawn to a design it should be a pleasure to find all about its history and meaning and of the symbols it incorporates. Remember that humanity didn’t create the meanings of these styles and symbols - humanity discovered them!

Tattoos can be a portal giving instant access to a particular spirit or group of spirits. Names and incantations need not be spoken to conjure a spirit when that spirit’s name(s), symbol(s), and a call to visit are already permanently implanted on one’s body! Sorcerers , witches, and even some evangelists use tattoos to maintain continual communication with daemons and other spirits. Yes, even some so-called “Christians" and "Jews” use tattoos for satanic purposes!

Tattoos can be removed. Such removal is also a painful process. But that is not a bad thing because the sacrifice is an atonement and removes that which is unwanted!

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