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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Pharisees are Alive and Well!

Ever wonder what happened to the Pharisees? Look to your nearest synagogue and you will find them. They outlasted the Sadducees, priests, and Levites. And though they were unable to return to the fold or eliminate the followers of Yah Shua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ), they were able to drive them “underground” within all Jewish communities. Few self-respecting Jews would openly admit to believing that Yah Shua is indeed the Messiah.

The final rift between Jews and Christians occurred during the Bar Kokhba Revolt against Rome about A. D. 132. Rabbi Akiba ben Joseph declared Simeon ben Kosiba to be the Messiah and King of Israel (Akiba changed ben Kosiba’s name to bar Kokhba - meaning “son of the star“). The Talmidei Yah Shua (followers of Jesus) refused to join the revolt for obvious reasons and were branded traitors. As such, they were persecuted (and executed) in those areas under the rebels’ control. It took the Romans four years and the loss of an entire legion (the XXII) to destroy the rebels, but the Jewish losses were perhaps even greater than that of the Holocaust some 1,810 years later. After such losses on both the Messianic (Christian) and non-Messianic Jewish sides, emotions were so high and deep that they would barely associate with each other or even acknowledge that they shared a common heritage. The Messianic Jews faded into the background (but never disappeared completely) to be overshadowed by their gentile brethren. The surviving non-Messianic Jews ignored the fact that Rabbi Akiba was a false prophet and Kokhba a false messiah. So who was Rabbi Akiba?

Akiba ben Joseph was a young man when the second Temple was destroyed by the Romans in A. D. 70. After that event, the center of both Jewish politics and religion shifted to the synagogue. The Sadducees, priests, and Levites found themselves displaced and rapidly waning in influence and power. Akiba was impressed by the knowledge of the Pharisees and decided to study at the only Jewish university that the Romans then allowed.

This university was established by Rabbi Johanan ben Zakkai who earned the right to establish and maintain the only Roman approved Jewish college after the Jewish revolt of A. D. 66 through 72. He earned this right by having himself smuggled out of the besieged Jerusalem to the Roman General Vespasian and accurately predicting that Vespasian would soon be chosen Roman Emperor. In gratitude, Vespasian allowed Zakkai to establish a university when all other institutions of Jewish learning were forbidden and closed down or destroyed. Zakkai was both a Pharisee and a teacher of kabbalah (Jewish witchcraft). Thus in a single act, the Pharisees succeeded in gaining control of Jewish higher education.

And soon Akiba not only impressed his teachers with his intelligence but with his stubbornness as well. In spite of being flogged five times, he refused to be silenced. He surpassed his teachers in learning and gradually exceeded them in influence and power. He set his mind to creating a new position to replace the priests and prophets. The casual title of “Rabbi” (“master/teacher”) was to become an office whose holders could sentence people to death. Indeed, not only were the priests and prophets to be replaced by the Rabbis, but the supremacy of the Torah (the “law” = the books of Moses) as well. Akiba would make the requirement that a true Rabbi must be able to reverse the meaning of a scripture and use it to justify any action. He invented the lie of a secret “oral torah“ (supposedly handed down from Moses) to supplement the written one. Within three decades, Akiba had succeeded in bringing most Jews into his fold and needed only an excuse to eliminate all of the others.

Simeon ben Kosiba was both a man of action and a Jewish ultra-nationalist. He chafed at the Roman yoke and longed to rebuild the Temple as both the center of Jewish religion and the symbol of Jewish nationalism. He found a ready ally in Akiba and they began preparing the Jewish nation for a full scale revolt against the Roman Empire. Once the hostilities began to spread, Akiba galvanized the rebellion in Judea by declaring Simeon “King Messiah“.

Akiba’s declaration had the opposite effect in Galilee. The Talmidei Yah Shua knew that Bar Kokhba was not the Messiah and recognized Akiba as a false prophet. The Talmidei Yah Shua convinced thousands of other Jews of these facts. Whatever actions had begun against the Romans in Galilee quickly ceased. Bar Kokhba was livid and Akiba declared the followers of Yah Shua to be heretics and traitors. While Judea would be devastated and depopulated as a result of the rebellion, Galilee would see relative peace.

Rabbi Akiba did not long survive the failure of the revolt. But though the rebellion failed, Akiba did not. The Romans drove all of the surviving Jews out of Judea and forbade them (on the pain of death) to even come within sight of Jerusalem. The synagogue (with its Rabbi) now became the community and worship center for practicing Jews. Because the lack of the Temple made adherence to much of the Torah impossible, the Rabbi found it easier to overturn the old laws and create new ones by using the “oral torah” and writing them in the Talmud. In spite of having blundered in his choice of the “King Messiah” and support (if not the actual planning) of a disastrous revolt against Rome, Akiba became known among the Jews of the Diaspora as a spiritual leader greater than Moses himself!

Thus the Pharisees survived and continued to evolve, changing the face of Judaism. In their arrogance, using kabbalah, they attempt to dissect the nature of Yahu'ah (God the Father) and with that knowledge control His actions as though He were a bonsai tree. No wonder Yahu'ah waited 1,816 years before restoring Israel! Since then, the numbers of the Talmidei Yah Shua have again begun to grow. According to Revelations, one-third of all Jews shall be so saved. Remember, we gentiles have been grafted onto Israel’s family tree. Let us learn our Lord’s holy names and respect those traditions Yah Shua told us to in the New Testament. Also remember that in spite of all of their transgressions, Yahu'ah still loves His chosen people and punishes those who persecute them. Just ask Adolf Hitler! Hallalu Yah (praise Yah)!

Old Testament Scriptures to Bring Believing Jews to Yah Shua:
The Messiah shall:
1. Be of the tribe Judah - Genesis 49:10;
2. Be of the family line of Jesse - Isaiah 11:1;
3. Be a prophet - Deuteronomy 18:15;
4. Be a priest, but not from Levi - Psalm 110:4;
5. Be a judge - Isaiah 33:22;
6. Be a king - Psalm 2:6;
7. Be anointed by the holy spirit - Isaiah 11:2;
8. Performing miracles - Isaiah 35:5-6;
9. Teaching parables - Psalm 78:2;
10. Betrayed by a friend - Psalm 41:9;
11. Sold for thirty pieces of silver - Zechariah 11:12;
12. Forsaken by his disciples - Zechariah 13:7;
13. Accused by false witnesses - Psalm 35:11;
14. Unresponsive to his accusers - Isaiah 53:7;
15. Wounded and bruised - Isaiah 53:5;
16. Smitten and spat upon - Isaiah 50:6;
17. Mocked - Psalm 22:6-8;
18. Pierced - Psalm 22:16 and Zechariah 12:10;
19. Hated by his own people - Isaiah 53:3;
20. Hated without reason - Psalm 69:4;
21. Would suffer thirst, offered gall and vinegar - Psalm 69:21;
22. No bones broken - Psalm 34:20; and
23. Buried with the rich - Isaiah 53:9.

Hallalu Yahu'ah Sabaoth!

Hallalu Yah Shua HaMashiach!

Hallalu Ruach HaKodesh!

Hallalu Yah!

A Man’s Place

“Them that sin rebuke in sight of all, that others also may fear.” (1 Timothy 5:10)

Modern Christian men are such cowards। They force their women to fight for Elohim because they will not. Just look at the roster of Christian spiritual warriors – the overwhelming majority are women! Christian women are forced to prophesy and fight because so few Christian “men” dare to! Yah Shua HaMashiach said, “Blessed are ye, whenever humanity shall hate you, and whenever they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man’s sake.” (Luke 6:22) (also see Matthew 5:11-12) But Christian men are afraid of the secularists and feminists (or perhaps they think that the feminists excuse them from their duties as Christian men!).

Isaiah and Jeremiah were also prophesying about Christian men in the following scriptures:“As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them।” (Isaiah 3:12)“... the fathers shall not face their children for feebleness of hands.” (Jeremiah 47:3) And how feeble are the hands of Christian men!

Yah Shua was also speaking of Western society in the following scriptures:“And Jesus Yah Shua answering said, ‘O faithless trustless and perverse thoroughly perverted generation, how long shall I be with you, and tolerate you?’” (Luke 9:41)“He answered and said unto them, ‘Well hath Esaias Yesha Yah prophesied concerning you hypocrites, as it is written, “This people honoureth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me.”(Isaiah 29:13) Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching doctrines the commandments of men humanity.… Invalidating the word of God Elohim through your tradition, which ye have betrayed: and many such like things do ye.’” (Mark 7:6-7, 13)

Yah Shua is a warrior. Yah Shua said, “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.” (Matthew 10:34) He expects Christian men to do their duty in Yahu’ah Sabaoth’s army. But the overwhelming majority of Christian men flee from or ignore their duty (if they even know what it is).

The Christian man’s duties are to be the head of the household। He is to provide for, protect, and to teach his family to be in awe of Yahu’ah Sabaoth. “Wives, subjugate yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord Adonay. For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ the Messiah is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body. Therefore, exactly as the church is subject subjugated unto Christ the Messiah, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing. Husbands, love your wives, even exactly as Christ the Messiah also loved the church, and gave himself for it.” (Ephesians 5:22-25) (also see Colossians 3:18, 19 and 1 Peter 3:1, 7-9) Are you ready to die to save your wife or children? (I heard of a Christian “man” who watched his wife being sacrificed by a Satanic cult and lived to tell about it – why didn’t he die defending her?!) No wonder Elohim’s enemies have no fear of Christian men! “But if any provide not for his own, and especially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” (1 Timothy 5:8) “We have heard with our ears, O God Elohim, our fathers have told us, the deeds thou didst in their days, in the times of old.” (Psalms 44:1) (also see Psalms 78:2-4) Are you the main provider in your family? And have you witnessed to your own family about the power and glory of Elohim?

Yah Shua HaMashiach and Yahu’ah Sabaoth expect Christian men to act like the mighty men. They expect men to be strong to do their will. We call forth the mighty men – as did David. This volume contains many of the weapons of Elohim’s arsenal (the Arsenal of the Tower of David). But all weapons are useless if not wielded by courageous warriors. Women should not be forced to bear this burden. And the feminists not withstanding, women do not have the emotional or psychological makeup to make the type of warriors that win against overwhelming odds. And today we face overwhelming odds! Christian men, gird your loins and do your duty! Hear, obey, and execute the commands of Yahu’ah Sabaoth for his glory!

Hallalu Yahu’ah Sabaoth!
Hallalu Yah Shua HaMashiach!
Hallalu Ruach HaKodesh!
Hallalu Yah!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

No False Gods

Today is a day of global communication. Radically different cultures once isolated by sheer distance now interact daily. New exotic ideas and beliefs challenge our own. Perhaps initially disturbing or even revolting, many of these peculiar ideas and beliefs become interesting and eventually appealing to us.

Why not? Isn't it better to be safe than sorry? If someone else's customs or technology seems superior to ours in some ways, shouldn't we investigate the possibility that their belief systems might also be exceptional? With all of the uncertainties of life, shouldn't we use every possible advantage to ensure our own prosperity and success?

What if? What if what we were taught about the universe is wrong? What if many, most, or even all of what we were taught about spiritual matters is marginal at best if not completely wrong? Even if some of we were taught is correct, shouldn't we alter or replace that which we fear may be incorrect or ineffective?

"Tolerance" is the by-word of today's religious and political leaders. Buddhism, Golden Dawn, Hinduism, Islam, Kabbala, New Age, Scientology, Shintoism, Wicca, all of their many derivatives and all of the syntheses of the ideas they represent have at least some beliefs and principles that are appealing.

"In the interests of peace" is a phrase frequently parroted by those who wish to see HaShem's law compromised. HaSatan is indeed a master of deception! Mix the truth with lies to promote the lies. Mix evil with good to promote that which is evil. Brand all those who discern the evil "intolerant bigots". Entice the virtuous with virtue-coated evil. Isn't it strange that all those who call us "intolerant" are themselves so intolerant of us?

We must beware of mixing those beliefs and principles passed on to us from Yahu'ah Sabaoth and His Son, Yah Shua HaMashiach, with those made and promoted by His enemies. HaSatan has dug his deepest pit for the virtuous and laid a net therein. Elohim's saints are HaSatan's greatest danger and he wants them to fall the farthest. Those impatient with Yahu'ah Sabaoth's grace and His expectation that we will do our part to receive it, or doubt that He even exists, too often seek other means of salvation.

Just because we know how HaShem did something doesn't mean He didn't do it! Critics often note that various miracles can be explained as rare but natural phenomena. I would hope so! Elohim is righteous and just! Elohim wrote ALL of the natural laws and the laws of physics! HaShem IS nature! Unlike our legislators, and those trusted to enforce our laws, HaShem REFUSES to violate His own laws! If any miracle cannot be explained as a natural phenomena, it is either a work of HaSatan (Revelation states false miracles shall occur in the end time), it follows a natural law we are not aware of (any good scientist will tell you that the more we learn, the more we realize we don't know!), or its a fake! Critics of Moshe were able to cast doubt on Elohim's miracles for this very reason! Too many people expect Yahu'ah to act like a cheap magician! They expect HaShem to wave a magic wand and create the Universe! I repeat, Yahu'ah is righteous and just. He wrote the law forbidding the practice of magick (sorcery/witchcraft). He REFUSES to violate His own laws.

Whether we realize it or not, when we adopt practices contrary to our Elohim's law we endanger our own salvation. Though a borrowed belief or practice itself may seem beneficial, it is merely an illusion to keep us from Yahu'ah's grace and unknowingly in HaSatan's camp! It is not easy to be in Elohim's grace. While its rewards are great, so are its demands. "You get what you pay for." is generally true. HaSatan, in any of his many disguises, asks little and promises much. He casts doubts that HaShem can deliver on His promises when it is HaSatan who cannot deliver on his! HaShem demands much in return because He knows that He can and will deliver as promised. HaSatan will not demand much until he believes that his victim is helpless and no longer has a choice. What we must remember is that our Elohim gave us free will and is merciful - we shall always have a choice until our moment of death! But we shall still have to pay a price for our temporary alliance with HaSatan!

At the very least, reject that which is suspect. Pray for discernment. Seek enlightenment from Yahu'ah Sabaoth, Yah Shua HaMashiach, and the Ruach HaKodesh. Remember that while HaShem doesn't ignore the rest of humanity, we are the apple of His eye. He chose to give us the straightest path to His heart. By using other paths we are spurning His gifts and thereby insulting Him! Like an ungrateful lover, we act as though His gifts are worthless! Remember that He is a jealous Elohim. And while we treat Him as furniture, many gentiles are grateful for the crumbs of grace that fall from our table. Do not think for one second that He will not decide to punish us further for our transgressions and give those rewards once earmarked for us to the grateful gentiles!

I call on you to come with us. Observe Shabbat, Rosh Chodesh, Rosh HaShanah, Pesach, Matzot, Bikkurim, Shavu'ot, Yom Teru'ah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot as HaShem commanded. Watch the times of prophetic fulfillment and be aware that HaMashiach's reign shall soon begin! Spurn all that which smacks of divination, sorcery, or witchcraft. If you are faint of heart, then at least see to your own salvation.

If you are a lion of Yahu'da, then proclaim to all our brethren our Elohim's path to salvation and rebuke the lies propagated by HaSatan and his allies. This is obviously a most dangerous path. But the more we do for the sovereigndom of Yahu'ah Elyon now, the greater shall our rewards be later. In this case, it is far more important to be righteous than it is to be compromising, diplomatic, or tolerant. The end-game has begun and just as HaSatan has released the full power of his deceit, so must we release the zeal of Yahu'ah Sabaoth!

This is the heritage of the servants of Yahu'ah Sabaoth. A fire goes before Him and burns up His enemies all around. For wickedness burns as the fire - it shall kindle in the thickets of the forest and they shall mount up like the lifting up of smoke. Through the wrath of Yahu'ah Sabaoth is the land darkened and the people shall be as fuel for the fire - no man shall spare his brother. Yahu'ah Sabaoth shall cast upon them the fierceness of His anger, wrath, and indignation by sending evil angels among them. And they shall call upon the names of their gods, and you, His servant, shall call upon the name of the living Elohim. And He shall answer by fire and consume them.

This is how we release the zeal of Yahu'ah Sabaoth. By our baptism of water into HaMashiach and our baptism of the Ruach HaKodesh are we sanctified. He has created the waster to destroy all those who afflict His anointed. No weapon formed against us shall prosper and every tongue that rises against us we shall condemn - for our righteousness is of Yahu'ah. We have but to call on Him and it shall be done.

So remember that it is OUR culture that HaShem has chosen as the Earth's priesthood. Don't endanger your salvation and our inheritance by adopting alien beliefs or practices or anything that seems to be divination, sorcery, or witchcraft. Blessed is the one unto whom Yahu'ah imputes no wickedness and in whose spirit is no slyness. Time is a luxury we don't have! Seek the ready counsel of the Ruach HaKodesh. And bless your friends and relatives with such knowledge - do not have their blood on your hands!


All rights reserved by the I Am That I Am Foundation.

Money Changers in the Temple

Money Changers in the Temple

The money changers are back! Yah Shua (Jesus) chased them out once, but they are back with a vengeance! Since the Temple is no more they now inhabit the Church.

Welcome friends! Come into our ministry. For a $100.00 "donation" we'll send you our newest DVD. For a $1,000.00 we'll teach you how to best utilize you're talents for God's Kingdom (and we'll even tell you what those talents are!). For $35.00 we'll pray for you! But please don't come to us for any material help, for all we can really do is sell, sell, sell! After all, we need to maintain all of our missionary projects overseas (like sending overpriced Bibles written in English to people who can't even speak English let alone read or write it). We have a multi-million dollar ministry with important work to do for our flock. But if you will give until it hurts, we'll spare a little of our very important time to let you fill out a few forms telling us what your spiritual needs are. We might even get around to reading them so we can tell you which of our publications you should buy!

You can find them everywhere. They are on television. They are on the radio. They are on the internet. They are at almost every church you have ever attended or will ever attend. They are very good at talking the talk, but they don't walk the walk! They remember all of the scriptures that tell you to give, but they just can't seem to remember what the scriptures say they should do with that which you have given them!

All of that money going to those who use it for their purposes, yet so little going to our Elohim's (God's)! So many times I've seen the poor and unfortunate themselves giving whatever they truly can to help others (usually in the form of clothing, food, information, and/or shelter) - they are doing Elohim's work. Very very few ministries will even try to help them, and those very few that do are poor as well.

As Jeremiah records, the rich and shameless ministries have a very special place in hell awaiting them. Shepherds who fleece the flock and lead it astray, and those false prophets who help them do so are cursed by Yahu'ah Himself. The blood of all of those led astray is upon the heads of the money changers. Yet they do not care. Why should they? They don't believe that Yahu'ah knows or even cares! Some of them don't even believe that Yahu'ah exists! They all do believe that gullible Christians are an easy way to fame and fortune. And these same Christians foolishly believe that if the ministry is rich and famous it must be blessed by Elohim.

Ministries have a right, if not a duty, to pay their own way and so may ask for money to cover expenses. But a profit motive is contrary to Elohim's purpose for the Church. So keep your money in your pocket. Use it to see that your family's needs are met first. Once they are, use the remainder to help the widows, orphans, and the poor. If you don't wish to have direct contact with our more unfortunate brothers and sisters, look for those needy ministries that are actually working with the poor near where you live. You need not send your money overseas, there are still plenty of poor and needy right here. And their numbers continue to grow!

All rights reserved by the I Am That I Am Foundation.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Survival Packet


1. Protection Prayer

2. Our Heritage

a) The Carpenters

b) Command the Elementals

c) The Fate of the Wicked

d) The Flying Scroll

e) The Waster

3. Staking

Protection Prayer

O Adonai Elohim hear my/our plea, __________ and the work he/she/they/we does/do for You is under attack. He/She/They/We become depressed, oppressed, and is/are impoverished and does/do not see the blessings You have given him/her/them/us. Protect and provide for __________ as according to Your Word. I/We break all curses, incantations, prayers, and spells, and bind Satan and his spirits and cast them out of his/her/our/their body(ies), soul(s), spirit(s), home(s), possession(s), property(ies), business(es), and finance(s).

O Yahu'ah Sabaoth, call forth Your warring angels to surround and protect __________ like a shield. Free him/her/them/us from all depression, oppression, poverty, and evil influence of the moon, stars, and sun. I/We call upon the holy blood of Adonay Yah Shua HaMashiach to step into Orion and the Pleiades and take their rulers captive and blot out all of their decrees, hindrances, and ordinances against him/her/them/us. As it is written, let not the sun smite him/her/them/us by day nor the moon by night. Let no weapon formed against him/her/them/us prosper and every tongue that rises against him/her/them/us in judgment I/we condemn. Release the waster against all those who seek his/her/their/our hurt.

I/We claim this by my/our baptism of water into HaMashiach and my/our baptism of the Ruach HaKodesh. I/We plead the blood of Adonay Yah Shua HaMashiach and in the name of Adonay Yah Shua HaMashiach, amen.

Our Heritage

It is a righteous thing with Elohim (God) to recompense tribulation to those who trouble you. And further, He says, “When you pass through the waters I will be with you, and through the rivers - they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire you shall not be burned, neither shall the flame kindle upon you. For I am Yahu'ah your Elohim.”

When Adonay Yah Shua HaMashiach (Lord Jesus Christ) is revealed from the heavens, His mighty angels in flaming fire shall take vengeance on them that know not Yahu'ah and that obey not the gospel of our Adonay Yah Shua HaMashiach. “I am come to send fire on the Earth,” says our Adonay. “And what will I if it already be kindled?” He asks.

This is the heritage of the servants of Yahu'ah Sabaoth ("Lord of Hosts"). A fire goes before Him and burns up His enemies round about. For wickedness burns as the fire - it shall kindle in the thickets of the forest and they shall mount up like the lifting up of smoke. Through the wrath of Yahu'ah Sabaoth is the land darkened and the people shall be as fuel for the fire - no man shall spare his brother. Yahu'ah Sabaoth shall cast upon them the fierceness of His anger, wrath, and indignation by sending evil angels among them. And they shall call upon the names of their gods, and you, His servant, shall call upon the name of the living Elohim. And He shall answer by fire and consume them.

Thus shall you release the zeal of Yahu'ah Sabaoth. As His prophet you are to judge the nations and people. By your baptism of water into HaMashiach (Christ) and your baptism of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, etc.) are you sanctified. He has created the waster to destroy all those who afflict His anointed. No weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that rises against you shall you condemn - for your righteousness is of Yahu'ah. You have but to call on Him and it shall be done.

What follows is a series of commands and prayers, all solidly based upon scripture, to help the neophyte become familiar with what power is in scripture and some idea as how to use it to unleash Yahu'ah’s zeal. It is of the utmost importance to use the holy names in place of the generic “Lord” and “God” that afflict modern Christian Bibles. The witches have long known this and use His holy names to conjure and banish demons, and to cast spells. They shall pay heavily for this blaspheme as stated in scripture. The very same scripture commands us to use His holy names in praise, prayer, and worship, yet most Christians don’t even know them! Please note that “amen” means no more or less than “let it be done”.

The Carpenters

And Zechariah said unto the angel that talked with him, “What are these?” And the angel replied, “These are the horns which have scattered Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem.” And Yahu'ah showed him four carpenters. Then Zechariah asked, “What come these to do?” And Yahu'ah spoke, saying, “These come to fray them, to cast out the horns of the gentiles who lifted up their horn over the land of Judah to scatter it.”

O Yahu'ah, (my/our) Adonay, send the carpenters to fray and cast out the horns of _______ that hinders still Your servant(s) from fulfilling Your will. (I/We) claim this by (my/our) baptism of water into HaMashiach and by (my/our) baptism of the Ruach HaKodesh. (I/We) plead the blood of Adonay Yah Shua HaMashiach and in the name of Adonay Yah Shua HaMashiach, amen.

Command the Elementals

Hear (me/us) o ye earth, fire, waters, winds, and all of the elements of the Earth, and all those living things that inhabit her: (I am/we are) anointed of Yahu'ah Sabaoth and (I/we) command you all to do (me/us) no harm. (I/We) command you to help (me/us) in all that (I/we) do this day. (I/We) command you to smite all those who curse (me/us) and to hinder all that they do today. In the name of Adonay Yah Shua HaMashiach, amen.

The Fate of the Wicked

In the name of Adonay Yah Shua HaMashiach 1)_______ shall be confounded and put to shame because (he/she/they) seek(s) to hurt 2)_______. 1)_______ shall be turned back and brought to confusion, and an angel of Yahu'ah Sabaoth shall chase (him/her/them). (His/Her/Their) way shall be dark and slippery, and an angel of Yahu'ah Sabaoth shall persecute (him/her/them). For without just cause, (he/she/they) (has/have) dug a pit for 2)_______ and hid a net therein. 1)_______ (is/are) like the chaff that the wind drives away. Destruction shall come upon (him/her/them) unawares and (he/she/they) shall be caught in the very net that (he/she/they) laid. And as (his/her/their) wickedness burns like fire so shall (his/her/their) body(ies) and soul(s) be consumed like the fat of lambs in the fire of Yahu'ah Sabaoth as 1) _______ perform(s) (his/her/their) wicked deeds. Every curse that (he/she/they) utter(s) shall be visited upon (him/her/them) sevenfold and everyone that (he/she/they) curse(s) shall be blessed. (I/We) claim this by (my/our) baptism of water into HaMashiach and by (my/our) baptism of the Ruach HaKodesh. (I/We) plead the blood of Adonay Yah Shua HaMashiach and in the name of Adonay Yah Shua HaMashiach, amen.

1) = the person(s) doing the harm

2) = the person(s) being harmed

The Flying Scroll

Then Zechariah turned and lifted up his eyes, and looked, and beheld a flying scroll. Then said the angel unto him, “This is the curse that goes forth over the face of the Earth: for every one who steals shall be cut off on this side of it accordingly; and every one that swears falsely shall be cut off on that side of it accordingly.” “I will bring it forth,” says Yahu'ah Sabaoth, “and it shall enter into the house of the thief and into the house of whom swears falsely by My name, and it shall remain in the midst of that house and consume it with the timbers thereof and the stones thereof.”

O Yahu'ah Sabaoth, bring it forth and let it enter into the house of the thief _______, and into the house of _______, who swears falsely by Your name. And let it remain in the midst of (that/those) house(s) and consume (it/them) with the timbers thereof and the stones thereof. (I/We) claim this by (my/our) baptism of water into HaMashiach and by (my/our) baptism of the Ruach HaKodesh. (I/We) plead the blood of Adonay Yah Shua HaMashiach and in the name of Adonay Yah Shua HaMashiach, amen.

The Waster

“Behold,” says Yahu'ah Sabaoth, “I have created the smith that blows the coals in the fire and that brings forth an instrument for his work. And I have created the waster to destroy. No weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment shall you condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of Yahu'ah Sabaoth and their righteousness is of Me.”

O Yahu'ah Sabaoth, release the waster against _______ who seeks (my/our) hurt. Let no weapon formed against (me/us) prosper and (I/we) condemn (his/her/their) tongue(s) that rise(s) against (me/us) in judgment. (I/We) claim this by (my/our) baptism of water into HaMashiach and by (my/our) baptism of the Ruach HaKodesh. (I/We) plead the blood of Adonay Yah Shua HaMashiach and in the name of Adonay Yah Shua HaMashiach, amen.


To protect your property and everyone who resides there, you must define its boundaries and build a spiritual wall around it. A stake for each corner of the property is needed and each stake must be numbered and set in sequence around the perimeter of the property to be protected. Remember that you are building a spiritual wall, so do not have it running through your living room! You must be able to see where you planted the last stake from where you are planting the next stake without anything blocking your view - so it is possible that you may need more than four stakes. Think of each stake as a watch tower of your spiritual wall.

Each stake is a part of the whole. You need not write the same message on each stake. Each stake is a different page of the same document. Therefore, continue the message you began on the first stake on the second stake. Then go on to the third stake and so on until your message is complete and all of the stakes are written upon.

Though the stakes don’t need to be buried under ground, it’s usually a good idea so that one or more of them aren’t accidentally (or on purpose) removed. The loss of a single stake would constitute a breach in your spiritual wall. So pound them in deep and do it in secret! The enemy will find out soon enough that there is a new and (for them) very dangerous force protecting your property.

Though through a reasonable amount of research you can develop your own protective message for your stakes, the following has been tried and found to be most effective against the enemy:

“In the name of Adonay Yah Shua HaMashiach all that is written on these (insert the number of stakes) stakes numbered and marked with the cross of the Lamb shall have the full force and effect as if written in the most holy Hebrew language and script. All that is written on one shall be as if written on them all. Nor shall their power wane with the fading of the script or the rotting of these stakes but shall increase sevenfold with every passing day as long as the smallest piece of any of these stakes still remains. Every scripture referenced on any of these stakes shall have the same force and effect as if written in its entirety. The land enclosed by the setting of these stakes from the center of the Earth to the highest clouds above shall be called “this property”. Woe to anyone who moves any of these stakes without the permission of this property’s owner - for all of the curses of Moshe made with Yahu’ah’s sanction shall fall upon that person unless they return the stake to its place intact.

In the name of Adonay Yah Shua HaMashiach and by the power of the right hand of Yahu’ah Sabaoth, any and all who enter within this property in body or spirit to harm, hinder, spy on, or torment this property’s owners or anyone under their protection shall burn in the fury of Yahu’ah Sabaoth and shall be bound at once and cast to the feet of Adonay Yah Shua HaMashiach for judgment. All curses, spells, incantations, and prayers said or made against the owner of this property or anyone under the protection of the owner of this property shall immediately return to its maker with sevenfold force and effect against its maker and shall be null, void, and powerless against the owner of this property and anyone under the protection of the owner of this property. The “silver thread” of all those who astral project to this property shall be severed immediately and their spirit bound and cast to the feet of Adonay Yah Shua HaMashiach for judgment. All alchemists, sorcerers, and witches who enter this property shall die in flames unless they repent before the next Shabbat.

In all the holy names of Adonay Yah Shua HaMashiach and His Father El Shaddai, blessed be all who enter this property to do the work of Yahu’ah Sabaoth, to help the owner of this property to do the work of Yahu’ah Sabaoth, or to protect those who do the work of Yahu’ah Sabaoth from the enemy.

The following scriptures are incorporated into this document by reference for all of Yahu’ah Sabaoth’s purposes: (list the scriptures you wish to incorporate)”

Once the stakes have all been written on, prepare them for their service. Anoint them with olive oil in the names of Yah Shua HaMashiach, Yahu’ah Sabaoth, and the Ruach HaKodesh to “perform flawlessly for their purposes”. Hold communion and sprinkle the stakes with the blood of the Lamb. Remember to ask our Adonai Elohim to bless the spiritual wall these stakes create with His power.

Hallalu Yahu'ah Sabaoth!

Hallalu Yah Shua HaMashiach!

Hallalu Ruach HaKodesh!

Hallalu Yah!

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Releasing the Third Angel

And the third angel followed them saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast or his image and receives his mark in their forehead or in their hand, the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of Yahu’ah which is poured out without mixture into the cup of His indignation. And they shall be tormented with fire and sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb (our lamp, Yah Shua HaMashiach). And the smoke of their torment shall ascend upward forever. And they shall have no rest day or night whoever worships the beast or his image and whoever receives the mark of his name.”

Go now you who are rich, howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. Your riches are corrupted and your garments are moth-eaten. Your gold and silver are cankered and the rust of them shall be a witness against you. And it shall eat into your flesh as it were fire. You have heaped up treasure together for the last days. Behold, the just wages of the laborers who have reaped from your fields, which you keep by fraud, cries. And the cries of them who have reaped have entered into the ears of Yahu’ah Sabaoth. You have lived in pleasure on the Earth and have been wanton. You have nourished your hearts as in a day of slaughter. You have condemned and killed the just and they do not resist you.

Judgment is at hand. Now and only now, as you read this, do you have to repent and to make good the injustice and suffering you have allowed and caused. Your fate is at hand and your doom is now. Repent in your heart, give all you have for the purposes of Yahu’ah Sabaoth through Yah Shua HaMashiach, and forgiveness and eternal life may yet be obtained. But you must do it now. So says Yahu’ah Sabaoth.

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