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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Money Changers in the Temple

Money Changers in the Temple

The money changers are back! Yah Shua (Jesus) chased them out once, but they are back with a vengeance! Since the Temple is no more they now inhabit the Church.

Welcome friends! Come into our ministry. For a $100.00 "donation" we'll send you our newest DVD. For a $1,000.00 we'll teach you how to best utilize you're talents for God's Kingdom (and we'll even tell you what those talents are!). For $35.00 we'll pray for you! But please don't come to us for any material help, for all we can really do is sell, sell, sell! After all, we need to maintain all of our missionary projects overseas (like sending overpriced Bibles written in English to people who can't even speak English let alone read or write it). We have a multi-million dollar ministry with important work to do for our flock. But if you will give until it hurts, we'll spare a little of our very important time to let you fill out a few forms telling us what your spiritual needs are. We might even get around to reading them so we can tell you which of our publications you should buy!

You can find them everywhere. They are on television. They are on the radio. They are on the internet. They are at almost every church you have ever attended or will ever attend. They are very good at talking the talk, but they don't walk the walk! They remember all of the scriptures that tell you to give, but they just can't seem to remember what the scriptures say they should do with that which you have given them!

All of that money going to those who use it for their purposes, yet so little going to our Elohim's (God's)! So many times I've seen the poor and unfortunate themselves giving whatever they truly can to help others (usually in the form of clothing, food, information, and/or shelter) - they are doing Elohim's work. Very very few ministries will even try to help them, and those very few that do are poor as well.

As Jeremiah records, the rich and shameless ministries have a very special place in hell awaiting them. Shepherds who fleece the flock and lead it astray, and those false prophets who help them do so are cursed by Yahu'ah Himself. The blood of all of those led astray is upon the heads of the money changers. Yet they do not care. Why should they? They don't believe that Yahu'ah knows or even cares! Some of them don't even believe that Yahu'ah exists! They all do believe that gullible Christians are an easy way to fame and fortune. And these same Christians foolishly believe that if the ministry is rich and famous it must be blessed by Elohim.

Ministries have a right, if not a duty, to pay their own way and so may ask for money to cover expenses. But a profit motive is contrary to Elohim's purpose for the Church. So keep your money in your pocket. Use it to see that your family's needs are met first. Once they are, use the remainder to help the widows, orphans, and the poor. If you don't wish to have direct contact with our more unfortunate brothers and sisters, look for those needy ministries that are actually working with the poor near where you live. You need not send your money overseas, there are still plenty of poor and needy right here. And their numbers continue to grow!

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